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5 advantages to using 3rd party data according to Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier


In an article on Viuz, Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier discusses the 5 advantages to using third party data, an asset rarely considered by major companies.

The article also details the security considerations relative to the management of 1st party data by Weborama.

The article is available in its entirety here.

Laurence Bonicalzi-Bridier’s Interview for Viuz

VIUZ LBB Interview

Discover Laurence Bonicalzi-Bridier’s interview for Viuz “Dessine-moi ma DMP: les 4 étapes clés pour construire son actif data” (Draw me my DMP: the 4 key steps to build a data asset).

She explains the 4-step process for publishers to create their data asset.

Complete article here (in French).