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The Weborama Data Offering

Weborama, audience-driven advertising platform

The Weborama platform enables advertisers to create audience segments from Media, Site and/or CRM data. 
These segments can be enhanced using 3rd party data.
Advertisers can use these segments to buy ad space and target their campaigns.
The Weborama platform analyses the performance of these campaigns and audiences and optimises them in real time.

Weborama data assets

400 million profiles in the European database
More than 200 socio-demo, behavioural and intenders criteria

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Weborama data solutions:

Weborama Audience Manager

Weborama’s data management platform is a media optimisation tool based on the collection, analysis and segmentation of different 1st party data sources. It allows you to enhance the 1st party data with 3rd party, thanks to exclusive access to Weborama W data.

Weborama Audience Manager is a modular data management platform that you can adapt to your needs and all kind of data: website, media, CRM…

Weborama audience Manager gives an exclusive and native access to 400 million profiles in Europe.

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Weborama Audience Manager gives to its clients a 360° web user vision, thanks to a unique association of the 1st and 3rd party data.

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Weborama Audience Insight

Weborama Audience Insight is a single user interface, with a 360° view of behavioural and socio-demographic data. Weborama Audience Insight allows viewing the audience structure by age, gender and occupation, along with the distribution of behavioural segments and clusters*.

Weborama Audience Insight helps publishers to drill down into their audience profile in real time, and thereby to maximise its monetisation. Publishers can also build “audience packages” in line with their offering to optimise their website monetisation.

Weborama Audience Insight helps advertisers to measure and multiply their marketing targets.

Weborama Audience Insight analyses your website audience:

  • by age
  • by gender
  • by occupation
  • by behavioural segments*
  • by behavioural clusters*
  • by device
  • by channel
  • by region

 *Segment being a group of clusters, Weborama’s smallest behavioural unit, corresponding to a centre of interest



Weborama Audience Insight