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To learn more about Weborama data science vision, download the booklet “Data according to Weborama”

Weborama, data-driven activity

Since it launched 16 years ago, Weborama has been involved in data science for online marketing. Today, its in-house science enables Weborama to collecte, organise, stock, transform and operate data within the advertising ecosystem, thanks to a 400 million profiles database.

Pioneers of technological innovation in the data market, Weborama invests in its R&D department continuously or ongoingly, which employs 40% of all company employees. Data is at the heart of its expertise, thanks to its strategists, data consultants, computer linguists, statisticians, mathematicians and developers.

Big Data is the driver of development today at Weborama, and will continue to be in the future. Great cares are taken to collect data anonymously, internet user benefits from more relevant advertising.

Weborama shares its know-how in the booklet “Data according to Weborama”.

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Deployment of Weborama knowledge in the advertising ecosystem

The 3rd party* Weborama database is a real source of 1st party** data enrichment, and a cornerstone of the set of tools available to clients. Weborama tested the efficiency of this data and has been a major user for 16 years. The data has also been used in branding and performance advertising campaigns (bundle data & media, offered by Weborama trading desk, Weborama Audience Exchange, and tested and compared to nontargeted campaigns) as well as in marketing research.

Weborama, audience-driven advertising platform

The Weborama platform enables advertisers to create audience segments from Media, Site and/or CRM data. 
These segments can be enhanced using 3rd party data.
Advertisers can use these segments to buy ad space and target their campaigns.
The Weborama platform analyses the performance of these campaigns and audiences and optimises them in real time.

Weborama audience-driven advertising platform:

Weborama Campaign Manager (adserving and multichannel tracking tool for management and optimisation of advertising campaigns and creation and collection of the media data).

Weborama Audience Manager (data management platform that establishes marketing segmentations for advertisers, their agencies and for publishers).

Weborama Audience Insight (tool for analysing audience behaviour on internet sites). 

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Thanks to these tools, Weborama has been successful in the transition from micro data to Big Data; in other words from a series of insignificant events completed by the internet user navigating the web, to the building of a complete marketing profile of this user.