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Weborama and AXA compete together at Udecam Solutions Forum

Weborama at Les Rencontres de l’Udecam (2016.09.06)Next week,  the famous event held in Paris will host a brand new competition : Udecam Solutions Forum.Actually, Weborama and AXA have been shortlisted to present Audience Planning : an innovative project dealing with data strategy.At 3.45, Alain Levy, CEO of Weborama, and Rodolphe Rodrigues, Global Media Director of […]



5 advantages to using 3rd party data according to Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier

In an article on Viuz, Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier discusses the 5 advantages to using third party data, an asset rarely considered by major companies.The article also details the security considerations relative to the management of 1st party data by Weborama.The article is available in its entirety here.



CB News – Alain Levy on Data Strategy

In our continuing coverage of Viva Technology, CB News publishes a daily Newsletter in a countdown to the event.Alain Levy, CEO of Weborama, was given a platform on CB News to discuss his thoughts on data strategy and the importance of customer insight.The June 29th edition of the Newsletter is available here.The article can be […]


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CB News – The latest trends in Data Marketing by Weborama

In our continuing coverage of the Viva Technology Event, CB News is publishing a special newsletter since June 27th. Discover a feature by Weborama on the latest trends in data marketing.The June 28th newsletter is available here.The feature can be accessed directly here.



CB News – Interview with Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier

In our continuing coverage of Viva Technology, CB News publishes a daily Newsletter in a countdown to the event. Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier, Director of Weborama France, was interviewed by CB News on the subject of data driven strategies and the current positions of large firms on the subject.The June 27th edition of the Newsletter is […]


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Alain Levy and Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier at VIVA TECHNOLOGIE Startup connect

D-2: at VIVA TECHNOLOGIEFrom June 30th to July 1st the 1st edition of Viva Technology, the high-tech event of the year dedicated to innovation will be held in Paris.The goal: Accelerating digital transformation of major companies and help startups grow and work with them.The program: 300 conferences, 5,000 startups, 100 demos of innovations and international partners […]



Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier elected to IREP board of directors

Following the june 14th general assembly, Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier was elected to the IREP (Institut de Recherches et d’Études Publicitaires) board of directors under the president Eric Trousset.The press release is available in its entirety here.



Weborama at the séminaire Multi-Médias

On Friday June 17th the Institut Muilti-Médias is organizing the Séminaire Multi-Médias in Paris’s 16th Arondissement. Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier, director of Weborama France will head a module entitled “Draw me my DMP” at 1:15 PM.Sign up to the event through Institut Multi-Média’s website here.



Video Replay: Bpifrance inno generation “Think French Data”

On May the 26th bpifrance presented its second edition of bpifrance with the Think “French Data” in partnership with Weborama. A video of Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier, director of Weborama France,’s intervention, presented by Frederic Grellier, director of communications here.



Weborama partners with Think “French Data : la nouvelle route” for the 2016 edition of Bpifrance’s Inno Génération

For the second edition of BIG – Bpifrance Inno Génération, Bpifrance has chosen to associate Weborama with the Think “French Data : la nouvelle route” which will take place on May 26th at 10:45 AM and will tackle questions such as : Who are the future players of French data? Cutting edge French data science? […]



Vidéo flash back on “les nouvelles frontières du digital” conference

Weborama was at the “nouvelles frontières du digital” conference organised by Viuz that took place on May 10th 2016. Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier, director of Weborama France, participated in a round table discussion on the new frontiers of creativity and digital content.The discussion was filmed in it’s entirety and can we watched here.