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Technology partnership with geolocation specialist Digital Element

Weborama has deployed Digital Element’s NetAcuity EdgeTM hyperlocal IP geolocation technology to improve audience segmentation and targeting accuracy.Weborama has integrated Digital Element’s IP geolocation services into its Audience Manager and Campaign Manager modules, in order to offer clients postcode-level segmentation and targeting capabilities, ultimately improving the granularity, relevance and performance of their digital marketing investments.Press […]



Weborama reorganizes its french business unit and accelerates its international development

Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier is the new Country Manager for France. Mathieu Roche takes the lead of international business development.Press release here (in french) 



Le Groupe La Poste selects the Weborama DMP!

  Recognized for its its adserver and its unique profile database in Europe, Weborama establishes itself as the preferred DMP provider for French companies with another major reference.Due to the nature of its business, Le Groupe La Poste owns significant data assets. In order to enhance these assets and speed up its digital transformation, the 2nd […]


EDAA Trust Seal

ABC certifies Weborama e-privacy and advertising policies comply with EDAA standards

Weborama has received the EDAA Trust Seal from independent industry Certification Provider ABC, demonstrating their compliance in accordance with the EU Self-Regulatory Programme for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA). Discover the press release here.


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Alain Levy’s interview in Laurent Fonnet and Stéphane Gaultier’s White Paper about “Television’s issues in today’s digital age”

 Discover Alain Levy’s interview (Weborama’s CEO) in Laurent Fonnet and Stéphane Gaultier’s White Paper about television’s future in the digital age.This White Paper draws up a report on the actual balance between television and the internet. Alain Levy explains the main concerns about TV, advertising, Big Data and programmatic in the digital age.Find the entire paper […]


150518 Satellinet Alain Levy

Discover “the 5 keys for an efficient data strategy” by Alain Levy, Weborama CEO, in Satellinet

Discover “the 5 keys for an efficient data strategy” by Alain Levy, Weborama CEO in Satellinet .He explains the efficient data strategy to adopt and the traps to avoid.Find the article here (in French). 



Weborama presents at Rencontres de l’UDECAM

September 3 2015, Alain Levy, Chairman of Weborama, will participate in the roundtable “The deposit of the data”, with experts in the field of sides:Olivier Abecassis (TF1)Rolf Heinz (Prisma Media)Jean Philippe Maheu (Twitter)Romain Roulleau (Accor Hotels)Alain Levy (Weborama) Within a few years, the data is moved from an observation value (audience measurement and other KPI’s) to an essential […]


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Weborama at digital marketing one to one show

On 4th &  5th of June, Weborama will participate to the digital marketing one to one show which will take place in Biarritz with more than 300 advertisers. As partner of this event, Weborama will welcome its prospects & clients to its stand and will animate a workshop “DMP: which concrete benefits for advertisers?”. Axa […]


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NextRégie chooses Weborama for the segmentation and the qualification of its audiences

NextRégie, Sales House of the media company NextRadioTV, closed a partnership with Weborama in order to offer a behavioural targeting to their clients.Discover the complete press release here (in French).


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Martin Praquin, the new Business Development Manager for Weborama Publisher team

 Martin Praquin, the new Business Development Manager for Weborama Publisher.Martin Praquin places its expertise at the service of  Weborama Publisher team led by Laurence Bonicalzi Bridier.Discover the complete press release here (in French).  



Libération Médias launches its Consumer Planning offer in partnership with Weborama

Libération Médias now offers its clients to build up segments in line with their audience and their targets in partnership with Weborama. Discover the article here (in French). 



Double interview La Redoute & Weborama about the DMP partnership

Discover La Redoute & Weborama double interview published in Ratecard. Matthieu Coilliot, La Redoute Marketing Director speaks about the e-merchant’s digital transformation and the organisational changes needed for this evolution. In this context, Mathieu Roche, Managing Director France & UK for Weborama, details Weborama Audience Manager‘s benefits for La Redoute. “We want to make our […]


VIUZ LBB Interview

Laurence Bonicalzi-Bridier’s Interview for Viuz

Discover Laurence Bonicalzi-Bridier’s interview for Viuz “Dessine-moi ma DMP: les 4 étapes clés pour construire son actif data” (Draw me my DMP: the 4 key steps to build a data asset).She explains the 4-step process for publishers to create their data asset.Complete article here (in French).  



La Redoute selects Weborama as its partner for the implementation of its Data Management Platform in France

 Roubaix, 26th March 2015.La Redoute, France’s leading e-commerce retailer with over 10 million active customers, has become one of the first French marketers to implement a Data Management Platform, to make customer and prospect data central to its digital communication strategy.Press release here



Alain Levy’s interview for CB News

 Discover Alain Lévy’s interview for CB News “Un gros travail de management” (an important management effort). He explains how companies should organise in order to develop their data digital strategy.Complete article here (in French) 


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Mediacom launches “3D”, its new Data-Driven Display platform, in partnership with Weborama

 Mediacom, launches “3D” in partnership with Weborama, its new «Data-Driven Display» platform enabling data-driven programmatic buying by PBU, GroupM Programmatic Buying Unit.Based on Weborama Audience Mager (WAM), Weborama’s platform DMP module, 3D allows advertisers to create and activate data assets to improve their media strategy efficiency on Internet.This new platform has been presented on Tuesday, […]